The Family Tree Searcher

Volume 3 --------- Number 2 --------- December 1999


 President's Message, by L. Roane Hunt

  World War II and Gloucester County in the 1940s, by Roger C. Davis

  Grave Sites of WWII Veterans, by Joan Kanter

  Memories of the Home Front -- WWII years at Gary, Indiana, by Ruth Smitt

  Country Stores --Genealogy -- Art, by Ben Borden

  Descendants of Samuel Muse, by Ben Borden

  Pointer Brothers Store and Bena Post Office, by Marion Clements

  Descendants of Michael Pointer, by Sylvia Rowe & L. Roane Hunt

  Descendants of Daniel Fitchett, by John Fitchett

 Roanes Store Off the Ware River, by L. Roane Hunt

  In the Company of Harriet Cowen, by Harriet Cowen

 Pen and Ink Sketches of Country Stores/Post Offices, by Harriet Cowen

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