The Family Tree Searcher

Volume 2 --------- Number 2 --------- December 1998


Presidents Message By Joan Kanter

Gloucester County and The Civil War 1861 - 1865 By J. Edward Thornton

A Civil War Story of "Waterview" at Gloucester Point Submitted by J. Edward Thornton

Spiritual Revival in the 26th Virginia Infantry By L. Roane Hunt

Dr. Walter Reed: Gloucester County's Modern Medical Hero
      From The Last Century
 Story by Zack Loesch,  Illustrations by Tommy Rainier

Well Known Houses in Gloucester County, VA, During the Civil War  by Roger C. Davis

Marriages of Gloucester County, Virginia. 1861-1865 By Frances Haywood

The Mathews Light Virginia Artillery Submitted by Marie Hodges from the Internet

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