Officers & Membership


     Lee Brown, President
    Hamilton Williams, Vice-President, 

     Buzz Perkins, Secretary
     Bill Lawrence, Treasurer,
     Theresa Denby, Historian
     L. Roane Hunt, President Appointed Board Member,
     Philip M. Morton, Past-President


     Currently the Society has about 132 members.  New members are invited to join, and annual dues are $15.00 (this includes spouse).

Membership Application Form


     Constitution for revision on 22 November 1999
     Bylaws revised 12 January 1999

Special Appreciation to Past Officers

     Mary Barnett, Treasurer, 1998-2002
     Roger C. Davis, Vice-President, 1997-2002
     Donald Dowling, Vice-President, 1996-1997
     L. Roane Hunt, President, 1999-2002
     Joan C. Kanter, President, 1996-1998
     Stephen V. Mitchem, Treasurer, 1996-1998
     Ruth Smitt, Secretary, 1996-2002
     Roger C. Davis, President, 2003-
     Phil Morton, President,
     Martha Morton, Secretary,
     Jennie S. Howe, Historian,
     Nadine S. Tatum, Vice-President,
     Dianne Jordan, Vice-President,
     Robert W. Plummer, President,
     Frances Brown, Vice-President
     Susie Scarlett, Secretary


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