This organization shall be known as "The Gloucester Genealogical Society of Virginia,"



Section 1. The geographic area of primary interest covered by the Society shall be Gloucester, Mathew and surrounding Counties.

Section 2. The Society shall provide for instruction in methods of research, documentation and recording of family genealogies.

Section 3. Procure and maintain genealogical research resources and facilities.

Section 4. Collect, index and file family records.

Section 5. Collect, index, publish and disseminate genealogical information of interest to the membership and general public.



Section 1. The Society shall consist of individual members, joint members (husband and wife), life members, sustaining members, honorary members and honorary life members.

Section 2. Membership in the Society shall not be denied to any person on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin or sex.



Section 1. The elective officers of the Society shall consist of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Newsletter/Historian and Treasurer.

Section 2. Officers of the Society shall be elected for a term of 2 years at an annual meeting of general membership of the Society and limited to two consecutive terms in office.



Section 1. The Executive Board shall function as the operating arm of the Society.  It shall administer and manage the business and affairs of the Society.  It shall be responsible for establishing policies and promoting programs.  It shall be empowered to define offices and positions in accordance with changing needs and to take necessary implementing action.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall consist of the following members:

a. The elected [and appointed] officers [and committee chairpersons] of the Society.

b. One (1) member, appointed by the President, who will serve a two (2) year term.

c. Immediate Past President of the Society.]



Section 1. The Society shall meet not less than five times each year in regular session in the months of January, March, May, September and November.

Section 3. The Annual Meeting shall be held in [as the regular] November meeting for the purpose of receiving annual reports from officers and committees, conducting election of officers when required and conducting other appropriate business of the Society.

Section 4. Special meetings may be called by the President.



The Constitution may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present at the Annual Meeting of the general membership providing the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary, read at a previous regular meeting and a written copy provided to each member at least thirty days prior to the next scheduled Annual Meeting.

The end.

Proposed revision to be approved at the Annual Meeting of the GGSV on Nov. 22, 1999.  Revision is noted by the brackets and consist of Article V taken from the by-laws revised Jan. 12, 1999.

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