Abingdon Episcopal Church
4645 George Washington Memorial Highway
Abundant Harvest Worship Center
Ware Academy Rte. 14
Achilles Friends Church
Rt 216 #3006
Apostles Lutheran
7092 Main St. 23061
Beech Grove Baptist
4073 Cedar Bush Rd. Creekview Ln.
Bellamy United Methodist
4870 Chestnut Fork Rd.
Bethany United Methodist
1860 Hays Rd
Bethel Baptist
2978 Hickory Fork Rd.
Bethlehem United Methodist
2101 Mark Pine Rd. Hayes
Beulah Baptist
Schley, Ware VA 23061
Moose Lodge
Calvary Baptist
Rt. 17 Ordinary
Church of God - Maryus    
Church of the Living Word
8144 Tidemill Rd., Hayes
Ebenezer Baptist
10487 Harcum Rd.
Ebenezer Baptist
10487 Harcum Rd.
First Baptist
Ordinary or Bena
First Morning Star Baptist
8906 Guinea Rd., Hayes 23072
First Presbyterian
6470 Main Street
Gleaning Baptist
7749 Dutton Rd.
Gloucester Church of Christ
2432 Hayes Rd
Gloucester Point Baptist
7741 Terrapin Cove Rd., Gloucester Pt.
Gospel Tabernacle
6912 Enfield Rd
Grace Bible
Rt. 17
Groves Memorial Presbyterian
9117 Glass Rd, Hayes, 23072
Holy Temple Church
550 George Washington Memorial Highway,
White Marsh, VA 23183
House of Blessings Holiness
2540 Hayes Rd.
House of David
1706 George Washington Memorial Highway,
Gloucester Point, VA 23062
Igesea Bautista El Camino
10487 Harcum Rd.
Old Ebenezer
Kingdon Hall of Jehovah's Whitness
7840 Rt. 14
Lighthouse Worship Center
4299 George Washington Memorial Highway, Ordinary
Main Street Church of Christ
Court Circle, Gloucester, VA
Morning Glory Baptist
8956 Morning Glory Rd. 23061
Mount Zion United Methodist
Waverly Lane
New Hope Independent Baptist
9713 George Washington Memorial Highway
New Life Ministry Center
3450 George Washington Memorial Highway
New Life Restoration Ministries (house)
8283 Hamilton Dr. 23061
Founders Mill
New Mount Zion Baptist
11127 Woods Cross Roads
Newington Baptist
6169 Main Street
Oak Grove Methodist Cemetery
Robins Neck Rd. Rte. 614
Olive Branch United Methodist
12403 Harcum Rd.
Petsworth Baptist
2471 Hickory Fork Rd.
Providence Baptist
3501 Providence Rd.,
Reedswood Christian
7694 Meredith Drive
Revival Outreach Center
Maryus off Gilner ? Rd.
Rising Valley Baptist
James Store
Rock Church
3515 George Washington Memorial Highway
Salem United Methodist
11408 Salem Church Rd
Salvation Army
7957 Linda Cir. Hayes 23072
Samuel Word of Freedom Fellowship
2992 Wicomico Carmine Island Rd. 23072
Seventh Day Adventists
Sat. at Ware Episcopal
Severn Congregational
Formerly Severn First Presbyterian
Robins Neck Rd.
Shepherdsville Baptist
8729 Farys Mill Rd., Ark
Shiloh Baptist
Combined with St. Paul Baptist
Robins Neck Rd. (rte 614)
Singleton United Methodist
5869 Ware Neck Rd.
Smithfield Baptist
4810 Hickory Fork Rd.
St. James Anglican
Abingdon Glebe
St. Paul Baptist
(Includes Shiloh Baptist)
5575 Paige Rd.
Susanna Wesley United Methodist
Tabernacle of Faith
7028 Woodsville Rd.
The Church of Abraham
4149 George Washington Memorial Highway,
Ordinary Ernest Ln
The Church of God
3380 Woodstock Rd., Perrin

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
6846 Short Lane

The Church of St. Threse Catholic
6262 Main Street
The First United Baptist
6188 George Washington Memorial Highway, White Marsh
Union Baptist
9254 Guinea Rd. 23072
Union Zion Baptist
6145 Ware Neck Rd.
Ware Episcopal
Rt. 14
Way to Eternal Life
6894 Main Street
White Marsh Baptist
5123 George Washington Memorial Highway
Zion Hill Baptist
Mohican Dr., Pinero
Zion Poplars Baptist
TC Walker Rd.